Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Three Beautiful Things 2/365

Everyday I will post three beautiful things that inspire, embellish and/or enhance my world. I hope that all of my readers (yes you) will leave your comments on what 3 awesome things touched your life today... For those of you who read my blog via e-mail, please click "here".

Meanwhile this is my gratitude journal for Tuesday March 3, 2009:

1. The blissful sound of the words "I love you, Mom"

2. The right to vote [Today is election day here. Make your voice heard!]

3. The warm softness of freshly laundered flannel sheets on a bitter cold night


  1. I've only been up half an hour but even so I can be thankful for -
    My son fulfilling his promise yesterday; waking without a migraine; coffee.

  2. Me? Okay...

    Three things that come to mind right at this moment would be...my unexpected friend stopping by just to say hi for a few minutes, the laughter and joy seen in our sons as they played together AND the yummy sandwich that I am filling my belly with as I write this :o).


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Pursue your dream
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