Sunday, March 15, 2009

A chance encounter

If you've read my profile, I write how one of my favorite things in life is to connect with people. Blogging has allowed me to express myself and share my experiences with friends near & far that I do not get a chance to see often. It has also given me the opportunity to create bonds with people in cyberspace who either share common interests with me or who bring to the table something that I find fascinating.

Some of the sites that I love to read convey humor and whimsy. It takes a special person to make someone laugh and writing a comical post is even harder to do. But there are many bloggers out there that do this with finesse.

I do not know how I stumbled onto (or into) some of these sites. Nevertheless something held my interest and I stayed long enough to get hooked. One of my most favorite sites is Adopting ME.

There was something inexplicable about what Mary Ellen wrote that day. I've followed her ever since. Sometimes she makes me laugh so hard that tears well in my eyes and my sides hurt, then other days she has me wishing I could jump through the screen to give her a hug.

I knew that Mary Ellen lives in New England and that she loves the Bruins as much as I do. Then I read that she was going to be in the same place on the same day at the same time as me. It's not everyday that bloggers get to meet face to face. I was ecstatic!

Yesterday we took the boys to Boston to see the Bruins (a christmas gift from Santa, planned way back in September). Mary Ellen was going to the same game. I told the kids and hubby that I hoped we could find each other and meet, but with a sold-out crowd of over 15,00 people in the same building, I knew the chances were slim. Since I didn't know what section she was sitting in, there was no way I could find her, but I did tell her where we'd be.

The game ended with the score Bruins 2 Isles 1. We stayed behind to watch as they announced the games 3 stars (Phil Kessel, who is Nut's favorite Bruins, got the 1st star) then we headed to the car for the 4+ hour ride home. But just as we walked out of our section, Mary Ellen found me!

Mary Ellen is a gem and I believe that we met for a reason.
I hope this is just the first encounter of many more...


  1. That is so cool! Maybe next time you could get seats next to one another?

  2. Oh Lisa!! How exciting is that? To actually have an opportunity to meet one of your sweet blogger friends from SO FAR away from us? TRULY exciting.

  3. Lisa, it was the coolest thing to get to meet you in person. I can tell we'd get along fabulously! Add that to the Bruins' wonderful season, and how could life be any better?

    I'll blog about you on Monday (I just got home, am exhausted, and there's another game on in a couple of hours!), and link you so that some of my other blog friends can meet you - via the blog, anyway - and hopefully we'll run into each other again someday soon.

    You made my day!

  4. Wow. That's great. For years when I was asked who I'd like to have dinner with the answer would always be Oscar Wilde. Nowadays I'd choose to have a big dinner party with all my favourite bloggers gathered together. Who knows - if I win the lottery I might arrange it!

  5. coming in from a fishes beach wishes.... thanks for the dance around. I was drawn by your avatar pic.

  6. How wonderful for you both! Amazing what can happen in the world of blogging. I just wanted to thank you personally for your generous and very kind comments on my blogs this morning. I appreciate it more than you can know.
    ~ tricia


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