Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Bucket List: 1-10

As the years sneak up on me, I keeping thinking about my "to do" list. You could say it's my own proverbial "Bucket List" of places and events that I hope to savor before I die.

So today is my first installment of The 101 Extraordinary Things I've Always Wanted To Do. There is no set priority but I want to write them all down so I won't forget because, God knows, I will forget...

I think of myself as a pretty simple, down-to-earth person but I have always had champagne taste and a beer budget. Yet, if I play my cards right, I can foresee a promising future. Wish me luck.

I pray with all my heart that some of these might become reality:

1. go to New York City to see a Broadway show, an off-Broadway play and David Letterman
2. go to Alaska to see the Northern Lights, wild polar bears, and part of the Iditarod race
3. bungee jump over a deep body of clear blue water
4. ride horseback on a gorgeous tropical beach
5. become a sexy 'n sassy ballroom dancer
treat myself to a luxurious 4 star spa vacation
7. go to the Academy Awards and a couple of Oscar parties, too
8. skydive (tandem! not solo... I'm not crazy!)
become a perpetually perfect size 10* petite
10. go on a mini girl-time getaway with DeeDee on my 50th, 60th & 70th birthday

* I really wanted to say 6 but until I can afford to hire Jillian Michaels to live with us, I'll stick to a more realistic goal...


  1. I'm with you on most of these, but I have no desire to jump out of a perfectly good plane or off of a perfectly safe bridge, nosirree.

    I've seen a broadway play, but only one, and that is not at all enough. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the theater.

    Great idea for a series of posts!

  2. Very impressive list. I could definitely go for #3, #4 & #8 myself. I hope you get to do them all.

  3. Oh! If you want company I will do #'s 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8 with you!


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