Thursday, March 19, 2009


If you follow my blog, you know that I took on a 2nd part-time job at a ski resort for the winter. Well tomorrow is the first day of Spring and because the mountains are losing their snow fast, my days there are numbered.

Last Monday when I got to work, my manager told me that there was a shakedown in the works and that only those who are pulling their weight would be rewarded. Nobody wants to hear that their job is in jeopardy, so I was a bit unnerved by the news. She must have noticed the look on my face and quickly assured me that I was safe. [phew!] She went on to say that my productivity was high, my accuracy was solid and my customer service was strong.

Then today I got nearly the same lay-off warning from the department supervisor. This man is not so subtle when he delivers information [or critiques], nor is he generous with praise. Yet he floored me when he told me that I was doing a great job and how impressed he was by my overall performance. He also said that he went to the big boss about whose hours should be cut once the downsizing starts. Much to my surprise, he wants me to be the last one standing, even though my other coworker has been there 2 years longer than me.

I was (and am) humbled by these compliments. There is nothing more motivating than a genuine pat on the back. Well, that is, nothing other than a hefty bonus and a raise. Still, it felt good.


  1. I have only been reading your blog for a short time, but the person that shines through on these pages makes it easy to see why you would get that kind of news. Congratulations. :)

  2. Congratulations!!! It's amazing what a good work ethic will do, right? Has worked very well for me in the past.
    Snow is snow, and warmer temps are warmer temps, but at least you know you'll hang in there for a while longer! I'm happy for you!

  3. I am not surprised by their comments at all, Lisa. You are a detailed and loyal worker, from what I've seen in your character.

    What an encouragement for you to hear. God knows what you need for that little boost in your spirit.

    YAY!! Well...that does mean that a coffee date is becoming further in the distance though...not really - we'll figure something out eventually.

    HAHAHA- My word verif. is chowinag, reminds me of how I feel when I overeat. I am chowing all the while I am nagging at myself to stop :o)

    had to share that


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