Friday, March 20, 2009

The Smart (a.k.a. Frugal) Shopper

I never buy anything, and I mean anything, unless I know I'm getting the best price, have a coupon, or it's on sale.

This morning I had to go to the grocery store and lately I've been shopping at Price Chopper because they are running a program called "Fuel Advantage". Normally I just go through their flyer and buy items that are truly on sale, or items I can use a double coupon for.

But this FA program is hard to resist in this unstable economy. For every $50 you spend, they discount every gallon of gasoline you buy at the Sunoco station by 10 cents. Last week I only paid $1.43/gallon [yet the lady beside me only paid 73 cents]. My goal is to get down to $1 off per gallon, which means I'll have to buy $379 in groceries over the next 2 months. No prob...

Today my bill came to $146.08 but I only paid $92.96 after coupons and "card" savings. Plus I got 2 store coupons worth $2 each to use on my next order and $6.00 in other coupons for things I actually use. Bonus!

aaaaaah, now I can tip the stylist a little extra today then buy myself a new pair of jeans.


  1. I'm "frugal" too. Hubby calls me cheap. But it makes me feel good to get a good deal. Our fuel deal at the grocery is 10 cents off per gallon for every $100 spent in a month. Yours is a MUCH better deal!

  2. I would say you most certainly are a smart shopper. I don't know of any store in my area that gives any type of fuel deal.

  3. Next time we meet, you'll have to teach me some of your tricks. I bow to the master of frugalness!


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