Monday, March 16, 2009

Helping Hands: Mission 1 completed

Yesterday we wrapped up our first mission of Operation Helping Hands. We started on Valentine's Day and decided we would run it for only 30 days. This project was a tremendous success and we are excited to formulate our next enterprise. Meanwhile mission accomplished.

Here is a synopsis of our progress:
Week 1: 745 units / $45.06
Week 2: 993 units / $59.58
Week 3: 1,114 units / $64.20

Week 4: 431 units / $25.86

In the end, we exceeded our goal of 3,000 units by 9.17% or 275 units. Once redeemed, the value of all of these returnables amounted to $194.70.
(one week we tipped the teenager at the redemption center 3 bucks...he deserved it!) We threw in an extra $5.30 to make our total an even $200.00. We are excited to present the money to Gramma Kaye and her family.

Meanwhile, our Project Trash to Cash has begun and we are hoping to exceed our goal [$175.00] for this mission, too.

Wish us luck...

1 comment:

  1. woo-hoo and yay

    This looks like a lot of math, Lisa...job well done.


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