Sunday, March 22, 2009

How good I've got it...

This morning I watched a remarkable segment on the Today show about Rebecca Alexander, 30, who has a debilitating disease called Usher Syndrome type III.

Stories like Rebecca's truly make me appreciate how good I've got it, how lucky I am to have what I have, and how much I forget to thank God for all that I am...

From this day forward, I will continue to be thankful for all of my senses, my good health and all of my blessings. This story just makes me more determined to touch the lives of others who are less fortunate than me.

One thing Rebecca said is that she follows a mantra of
Live for today, live in the moment, don't take a moment for granted... Such sage advice from a courageous, positive, hopeful young woman.

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  1. What an amazing woman. I've been feeling a bit sorry for myself today (I found out I didn't get the job!) but I know things could be so much worse. Thanks for the reminder.


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