Saturday, March 7, 2009

Are you green enough?

My son and I are doing a bottle drive to raise money for a local family. This got me thinking about how bottle collections and recycling campaigns impact our environment. So I did some research and found the info listed below on Wikipedia re: container-deposit legislation.

I was stunned to learn how few states in the US follow this "green" legislation. Only 11 out of 50, which amounts to a mere 22%! I wonder what the other 39 states look like? Their landfills must be monumental. I am so glad we live in a "green" state (aptly nicknamed the "Green Mountain" State).

Here are just a few points I found fascinating, so I thought I'd bring them more to the forefront. But before you read this, I urge you to please recycle, reduce & reuse.

US states with container deposits:
New York

Many provinces have deposit refunds in place for alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverage containers. Deposits range from 5 to 40 cents per unit.

Ontario's system of deposit refund for beer bottles has a near 100% return rate. In 1997 the legislation added a refund for wine & spirits as well.

In Sweden, there are deposit values on nearly all consumption-ready containers. The return rate for aluminum and PET containers is 86%; for the two types of bottles the rate is 99% and 90% respectively.

The selling of aluminum beverage cans in Norway was forbidden up until the end of the 20th century. Today Norway has various container deposits. In 2005, 93% of all recyclable bottles and 80% of the drink cans were returned and recycled. This amounted to approximately 243 million containers and 280 million NOK in deposits.

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  1. After living in CA, we were really surprised (shocked) that Arizona is so far behind in many areas. Definitely in recycling, in our town anyway. The city has half-heartedly started it, dropped it, thought about it, and did nothing about it.
    There is no smog law here, and believe me, we've choked behind some real offenders!
    Oh, this is hilarious! My word verification is toxidism! Really!


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