Thursday, March 5, 2009

3 Beautiful Things 4/365

Everyday I will post three beautiful things that inspire, embellish and/or enhance my world. I encourage you to share yours with me.

Meanwhile this is my gratitude journal for Thursday March 5, 2009

1. One of my husband's old drinking buddies and fun-loving girl friend, who is now one of my most treasured friends. Happy Anniversay of your 29th Birthday, Suzie. Love you lots!

2. The end of a verrrry loooong school break (phew! We all survived... but now I need a vacation)

3. The fabulous taste & aroma of freshly brewed coffee... my fav: Green Mtn Coffee Roasters French Roast

1 comment:

  1. And mine for today -
    1 Putting the paintbrushes away and letting the paint dry;
    2 Big chips;
    3 Having some time to embroider.


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Pursue your dream
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