Wednesday, March 4, 2009

3 Beautiful Things 3/365

Everyday I will post three beautiful things that inspire, embellish and/or enhance my world. Some of these things are simply pure enjoyment or indulgences and may have no intrinsic value to life in general. Nonetheless they are things I cherish...

I hope that all of my readers (yes you) will leave your comments on what 3 awesome things touched your life today... For those of you who read my blog via e-mail, please click "here".

Meanwhile this is my gratitude journal for Wednesday March 4, 2009:

1. another evening in front of the tube watching the Boston Bruins with my men

2. the Girl Scout cookies I got from Madison (thank you for the Thank Yous. yummmm)

3. the mesmerizing & melodic song sung by our little frisky furry feline Pixie [Pugsley]


  1. I love #1, too, but they better start winning a few pretty soon! First place is something we want to savor!

  2. Lisa, I have to admit I am a total cynical curmudgeon and my usual response to something like this is beautiful shmeautful, my life sucks. lol

    But ironically, today MANY beautiful things happened to me, ordinary things, but cumulatively added up to an extraordinary day.

    First, several people, completely independent of each other, told me both that they loved me and that they thought I was beautiful!!!

    Second, I was meeting my best friend for lunch at her house. We said I would be there at 11:30. But for some reason I got it in my head it was 11:45. And then I didn't get there until 12, because I had gotten stuck on a work call.

    When I got there Christine was pacing in the driveway with her cell phone in her hand. She was frantic because I am never late. She had already called my daughter at work and called her husband, who was on his way over to my house because they were certain something terrible had happened. She was on the verge of calling 911.

    lol I know that makes the three of us sound like a bunch of nuts, but I AM never late. And because of the MS, they are especially protective. It was a powerful, if comedic, example of how much they love me, something I don't always fully appreciate.

    But the third thing was your very own comment on my blog. I am so grateful for your honesty and warmth! Your response was incredibly moving to me and I thank you so much!!

    I am thrilled that what I wrote touched you and made a difference. I recently heard a statistic that only 1% of our readers leave comments. If that is the case, I am ecstatic that others have gotten something from what I have written, even if they didn't leave a comment. The fact that you did makes me want to hug you!!

    I am so sorry about your brother. I believe MS is much harder on men than women. Not just because of the cultural, macho nonsense, but because I think the disease takes a tougher physical toll on men. I am sorry you are not close, it sounds as though he could benefit from your compassion. But I know how families are.

    So those are my three things. But I have more!! Thank you for the lovely things you had to say about my blog. I re-read some of my own posts. I'm glad they made you laugh. I know I certainly crack myself up!!! lol lol

    You have made my week!!


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