Friday, March 6, 2009

Operation Helping Hands, Part I

Back in January I wrote two different posts about reaching out which related to a recent tragedy in our community. (If you have a minute, look back at these links so you can understand what motivated me.) Unfortunately my attempt to rally other parents in my sons school was a bust. So, too, was my outreach to the school's principal & administration. Although I did hear from 4 parents (out of 16), only one has jumped on the bandwagon. Nevertheless, I was not discouraged. So I coordinated a simple project to do with my son LJ to raise money for this family.

First, I spread the word
to my coworkers at the ski resort about my plan to launch a bottle drive. Then one of them suggested I talk to the resort's maintenance coordinator. She said that he could hook me up with a boatload of returnables every week. Boy was she right! Since contacting Paul, we have collected over 2750 bottles which, at 6 cents apiece, has netted us over $165.00 so far. Our goal was 3000 cans, and when we wrap it up in a couple of weeks we will certainly have exceeded that goal, likely by 900+ bottles.

This has been an amazing project and one that has really opened our hearts to the needs of others. Ironically, my other son's class has embarked on a "kindness" mission, whereas the children are encouraged to perform random acts of kindness throughout their daily interactions. And just recently, I began another phenomenal project called Blessed Bucks. This type of goodwill is so up my alley. So thanks, Erin, for the inspiration! I cannot wait to tell the kids about it and get them in on the act, too.

Life is good when you share yourself with others... Pass it on!


  1. What a great idea...blessed bucks.

    Just to let you know, so that you don't feel to abandoned in your efforts...the school had done some sort of pull together for Kaye right after it happened (I believe that effort was inside...teachers and staff). I was also made aware that there were people rallying together on Kaye's behalf too, moms and such doing group efforts and individual things. Our bus company did very much rallying at their end and the drivers did on our end.

    I don't know if you've talked with Kaye, but she was overwhelmed with appreciation and the love shown to her by some she didn't even know. She had truck loads full of clothes and household items; as well as quite a few gift cards and donations. Every time she spoke of something new to us, she'd cry a little...quite humbling.

    Anything that you've pulled together is done from your heart and will be greatly appreciated.

    Gotta love that blessed bucks idea...NEVER would have thought of that. One wonderful place - I'm sure you know, would be around that bench by the bottle collector outside at the store. There is a man that has been in St. Albans for YEARS (rides his bike) - he's VERY well mannered and sweet, quite a tall man with a touch of some type of dissability. I hope he finds a buck or two :o).

    ♥ Heather

  2. What wonderful values you are teaching your children!

  3. I love to hear about how people are still decent, caring human beings! It does my heart good.

    Thanks for your comments at my blog. You are so funny. People like you keep proving that my commenters are much more entertaining than the blog itself!

  4. Greetings Lisa-
    Thanks so much for the shout out about my Blessed Bucks project. Let's all change the world in small ways to make a big difference!
    Enjoy the day!


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