Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Bucket List: 21-30

Here is my third installment of The 101 Extraordinary Things I've Always Wanted To Do (Before I Die).

This list is merely my reminder of what I want to accomplish over the next 50 years, if I am blessed to live that long.

I'd be ecstatic to fulfill even just 20% of this entire list, because one just never knows what the future holds. But I'm gonna die trying. Wish me luck!

21. visit Sequoia National Park to see the magnificent Redwoods

22. fly in a glider over the Autumn foliage in Vermont

23. go windsurfing in Aruba
24. ski at some of the best resorts in Colorado
25. see a live performance by Cirque de Soliel
26. adopt a baby girl (once the boys are in high school)
27. write a children's book
28. take an art class & expand my creative horizons
29. have lunch with my mom, sisters & John Edwards (the medium)
30. learn how to golf with Hubby


  1. What an inspiration you are to dream. I will have to try to come up with a list. Yours is amazing!

  2. Love this addition to your list. I hope you get to do each and every one of those things.


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