Sunday, April 19, 2009

3 Beautiful Things

Here is my gratitude journal for Sunday April 19, 2009:

the weather is getting warmer & the sun feels hotter
2. the cremee stand is finally open... woo hoo

3. found the book for my new book club

Life is good with warm sunshine, cold ice cream, & a good book.


  1. My three today:-
    The sun is shining;
    I'm going to the zoo with my camera;
    I'm treating myself to a 'posh' lunch while I'm there.

  2. Every time the B's win, I think of you. Do you think it will ever get old to have to keep writing, "the Bruins win"? Personally, I don't think so!

    I have to miss the next game because of play rehearsal, and I'm not sure they can win if I'm not watching. I'm counting on you to watch TWICE as closely and CHEER twice as loud to make up for my absence.


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Pursue your dream
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