Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Life Letter to My Sons

Thursday April 16, 2009

My dear sweet boys,

Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for giving me the privilege of being your mom. If I could stop the hands of time so I could keep you young, I would. In fact, I'd turn the clock back to the days that you were both babies, so I could relive every single day from Thursday October 28, 1998 until Monday September 10, 2001. Then keep rewinding over & over.

But I know that's impossible so I will try my best to guide you through this sometimes charming, sometimes catastrophic ride called Life.

I pray with every beat of heart that I will live long enough to hold my great-grandchildren in my arms as I sing them lullabies. However if for some reason I cannot be there, I want you to honor
these keys to life:

always respect your fellow man, regardless of your differences
always be polite & courteous
reach out to those less fortunate than you
pay it forward

treat people the way you would want them to treat you

extend tokens of appreciation & affection
don't be afraid to express your true feelings

be honest, loyal & dependable
question authority without confrontation
your actions speak louder than words

Also please always remember that...

work is always secondary to family
having a passion for something is one of life's treasures
a higher education will enhance your future
you can only make a first impression once
punctuality shows respect
when you commit to something, follow it through to the very end

a tattoo is permanent
no President has ever had their ears or tongue pierced
drugs destroy brain cells
smoking is a filthy, cancerous habit
someone is always watching you
you must be willing to pay the consequences for your actions

it's okay to admit when you are wrong
an apology is more effective with sincerity
humility is more honorable than pride
words are very powerful weapons

the words "I love you" are not just a phrase; it's a feeling
a pet is a lifetime commitment
it's vital to give back to your community
laughter is the best medicine
it's okay to cry

a gentleman always holds or opens a door for others
women enjoy sincere compliments, not catcalls
sex and making love are two different things
you must ask your future in-laws for their blessing
it is noble to get down on one knee when proposing

romance is one of the keys to undying love
endearment is a valuable part of any relationship
communication will simplify your life
fidelity, trust & devotion strengthen your bond
it's never too late to start over

no matter where you go, I will be with you in spirit
you have made me very proud
he world needs positive role models, so be one
your home should always foster love & support

Although the path to your future may have been unclear, my goals for you were always decisive. I believe that I was put here to leave you with a legacy of love, hope and honor.

I have always loved you more than mere words could express. And if I should ever be asked what good I have done for mankind, I would confidently say that I was a good mother.

Hugs and Kisses,


  1. You have it exactly right. Bless you! You know how much reinforcement it takes to make it truly a part of them. You've given them a great start! You have reason to be proud, mom.

  2. This made me cry-- a lot. It is beautiful. If only all kids could have a mom that feels this way.

  3. i hope your boys grow up to appreciate what a wonderful attitude you have to parenting.


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