Saturday, April 4, 2009

3 Beautiful Things 34/365

Here is my gratitude journal for Saturday April 4, 2009:

1. sleeping in until 8:20
2. The Boston Bruins clinching the top spot in the NHL Eastern Conference
3. the new doctor who treated Nut for another nasty lung ailment

Life is good on the weekend, especially when there's no schedule to follow...


  1. Thanks for the tag. I will try to think of random things about myself that I haven't already said a hundred times.

    GO BRUINS! I was watching the game today and could not believe that character Avery. I'm totally glad Thomas clocked him back.

    I'm working on getting rid of my funk. I should be blogging again by Monday. Thanks for caring!

  2. Hi, Lisa! I've just come 'round to your blog after seeing your lovely comment on mine ... Thank you so much :-)

    You keep a gratitude journal! So do I ... have been doing so sporadically since 1990, when my grandmother gave me a beautiful, thick, fabric-covered blank book.

    Today ... I'm grateful for finding your blog ... for strawberries ... for the scent of sandalwood!

    Bless you, kind soul.

  3. 8:20 as opposed to...?

    I'm happy you have a good doctor when needed.


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