Sunday, April 26, 2009

Are you there God? It's me, Lisa. Chapter 2

Hi there,
If you can hear me, I need your help again. I can feel the pot starting to simmer and I don't want any of us to get burned. So I hope you'll help guide us away from the ugly vibe I can sense. In other words, make sure that we don't let ourselves boil over the edge.

Sometimes we can all take it too seriously and get caught up in the excitement, forgetting the what matters most. I know we're not the only ones, but it can be so frustrating and all of us end up feeling miserable.

We remember our own parents telling us that life isn't always fun or fair. Now, today, we find ourselves delivering this same "reality check" speech. Yet somehow our message fails to ease the disappointment and can actually fan the flames of self-pity.

Dreams, especially those of children, can often outweigh the scale of reality. But without the dream, many of us would never venture outside our comfort zone. Failure, even by the smallest of margins, must not diminish the glory of the effort.

The lesson we want the boys to learn is that most of us fail before we succeed, and all of us have felt disappointment along the way. Yet it is how one faces defeat that is the true measure of character.

So please, God, whisper in our ear (or shout if we don't hear you the first couple times) how to effectively teach our sons the value of grace & dignity, and how we can soothe the inevitable wounds of despair.


  1. You've got it down already, my friend. Exactly what you said...It is how one faces defeat that is the true measure of character.
    They are young. Maybe they'll get it, maybe not yet. We do fail before we succeed, and it's a tough lesson.
    Dreams often outweigh the scale of reality, but if it is important enough, we work harder to make it a reality.
    You sound like a wonderful Mom.

  2. I don't think there is a parent on the planet who hasn't cried the same cry.

    Perhaps we, like our children, have to learn that it all comes right in time. (At least 'right' as defined by Him if not by our poor understanding.)

  3. As a parent, I hate that my child must feel the sting of disappointment. Yet, I know it is an important part of their growing up, and how they handle it is important. You will guide them well, I have no doubt - you are an awesome mother!


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