Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's not a secret... it's just mine! For now.

Lately the kids have been riding me about how much time I spend on the computer. What annoys me about it is that they say it in front of Hubby, which makes it sound like I'm ignoring my duties as Domestic Goddess.

I'm no Cinderella or Suzie Homemaker for that matter, but my house is not a pigsty. On the other hand it's not immaculate either. Nobody will ever mistake me for the Queen of Clean. So I ask you... IF

they get to school on time, with everything they need
then I get to work on time, most days with everything I need
they get to every practice & game on time, with everything
they go on vacation, Bruins games, the movies, date night, etc.

Before or After

I've worked a 5-7 hours shift, standing for nearly 80% of it
I've sat in the rain or freezing cold to watch every game/practice
the laundry is done
the meals are prepared
the fridge & pantry are stocked
the floor is swept
the rugs are vacuumed
the bathrooms are scrubbed
the homework is done
the daily grind is over
and everyone go to bed in a comfortable, happy home

then why the eff are they griping?

I think of myself as someone who loves to connect with others who share my life, someone who would give the shirt off her back to those in need, someone who enjoys being creative,
someone who is making a difference, and someone who deserves "me time".

That's why I spend so much time here. Writing, for me, is intensely therapeutic, extremely liberating, and very enjoyable. I hope my sons will find this same joy and passion for writing as I do.

One of the reasons I created this blog, as well as my gratitude journal, is because it helps me appreciate the reason I've been given this life. It keeps me grounded by reminding me just how good I've got it.

I cannot wait until the boys are able to savor the words I have written here for them. I hope that they, too, will leave a similar legacy to their children someday.

So, boys, until I'm ready to share this sacred place with you & Daddy, I'll keep it a secret. This is my retreat and I'll spend as much time here as I need.

Consider it a Mother's Day present... to myself.


  1. Looks to me you absolutely deserve the Mother's Day present. Time for yourself is important. I say enjoy every minute of it and never feel guilty.

  2. You probably wouldn't be able to do all the things you do if you didn't have that important time for yourself. I think it also teaches kids that you respect yourself enough to take the time.

  3. This comment from my friend Amy (who is not a blogger)

    Love it, Lisa! So true...
    & I'd miss your blogs too much if you stopped ;)

  4. It is our duty to give some time to ourselves. My husband has already come into the living room (where there is no TV) to ask me to join him for...wait for it...Star Gate?! I can't wait to get up from my nice quite area and get in there to watch men going to another galaxy through a magic toilet seat. Oh JOY!!!

  5. Hey, they're lucky to have you as a mom - you rock! Time spent doing what makes you happy makes you a better person and a better mom. You go, girl!

    PS Go Bruins.


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