Monday, April 13, 2009

3 Beautiful Things 43/365

Here's my gratitude journal for Monday April 13, 2009:

1. getting a colossal kick in the pants from the bathroom scale this morning (and if my butt wasn't so big, it'd still hurt now...)

2. the fresh pico de gallo I get at market is good for you and tastes fabulous, too

3. I've consumed less than 1 ounce of chocolate in the last 4 days despite the 6.75 pounds of it visible and hidden throughout the house (However, that doesn't count the brownie Birdie forced me to inhale last night.)

Life is good when you get a wake-up call before it's too late.
Can you say "oink"?


  1. I love that video! Such a wonderful idea, huh?
    I left you a Lemonade Award over on my blog!

  2. Congrats on the award. Well deserved, I might add. You must be a woman of steel. Nearly 7 pounds of chocolate available and you stopped there?

  3. Every time I come across that video i just have to play it. It cheers me up for the day.

  4. You can avoid chocolate? You're my new hero.


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Pursue your dream
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