Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Am I going crazy or is it self inflicted?

This morning at 5:42 am our phone rang. Once my brain processed what the the ringing was, I immediately knew why I was getting a call at such an ungodly hour. School is closed today... much to my disappointment.

It's not that I don't want the kids home today (God knows I could use the day "off" to clean, launder and do other more glamorous household chores) but I have to work at the store today. Or so I thought! As it turns out, I am not on the schedule today (phew.. that means I don't have to scramble and make frantic calls to my friends, hoping that they will let my kids play with theirs while I earn a couple of bucks.)

But if I'm not working at the store today, what other day am I scheduled? The answer: tomorrow. Uh oh! That can't be right because I'm working at the resort tomorrow, as I've done every Thursday for the last month. So that means that on Thursday January 8th, I am on the schedule to work at 7:30 in Franklin County and 8:00 in Lamoille County. And so far, I only count one of me. So that leaves someone short.

I'm very annoyed that I made this blunder, or let this blunder go unnoticed until now. I have a pocket calendar that I record everything in, so how could I have screwed up this bad? Here's what I know: that I can only be in one place at one time, that I made a boo-boo somehow, that I am human, and that I will never make the same mistake twice. So today I will savor my "day off
" and get my house in order, maybe play a game with the kids and probably have a leisurely lunch at my own pace. I'll worry about tomorrow later.


  1. Good choice, Lisa ;o).

    I always delight in a "snow day"...but you know me, "change is good".

    Don't allow frantic thoughts to invade your that what becomes of tomorrow will be perfect.

    By the way...thank you for so many heartfelt and absorbed comments. I wouldn't want you to feel as though they make no difference in my life, they so do make a difference. One of the things that I've learned in this blogging world is that people respond to comments that we've left on the same post. I've also learned...again...just today, that when we leave a comment; there is a little box under the word verification that can be checked..."email follow-up to...".

    hahaha - I knew this once but long forgot about it. You could find me scurrying around with conversations to others, having to visit blog after blog again and again. No longer...I will remember this now.

    Thought I'd share that bit of learning with you ;o).

    Yes, we need to get together. I know that you do understand some of what's inside of me...the rest will just take a little time as The Lord enables you ;o).

    Love to you and enjoy this day...He's with you even while doing the laundry...just feel His presence (you will).

    ♥ Heather

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. After reading back through your posts, it appears we have a lot in common, including living in the Northeast, having 2 boys, and being a Bruins fan!

    My younger son is off today, too, but he's outside, anyway. Gotta love winter up here in Maine!


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