Tuesday, June 30, 2009

True Colors

I'm not afraid of confrontation, although I don't go seeking it. I have never been timid to share my opinions or feelings. This may get me in trouble at times, but I believe that you should go through life showing your true colors, rather than being disingenuous.

On Sunday I was approached by a man who, around this small town, is known as a brash loud mouth. He is very involved in local sports and coaches hockey & baseball. Although he does a good job at this, many have been turned-off by his gruff demeanor. He can be overbearing and offensive.

He never addresses me by name, because I don't think he's taken the interest in knowing it. So he comes up to me and starts off by saying " I hear you've been running your trap about me at (the store) so if you have anything to say about me, say it to my face because my friend just about had you fired."

Ooooooh I'm scared, buddy. If I said anything about you it's that your coaching style makes those opposing you feel very small, very browbeaten and very sorry that we have to listen to you alienate the kids & coaches on the other team. There's a right way to motivate your team.

By the way, you must think it's okay for YOU to give ME attitude about your strike zone as an ump. How about the time you deliberately pulled up in your car to berate me when I was simply watching my son practice? Because you do this to my face with your bitter sarcasm, you feel you're justified because your cards are laid out on the table?

Think again. I will not be intimidated by you and will continue to call a spade a spade.


  1. Good for you. It's important to stand up to bullies, whether they're of the kid or adult variety!

  2. WOW - can't figure out who that might be, Lisa. I hope it's not who I'd guess it was.

  3. Shabby Girl ~ you made my day!

    But if you've got connections (wink wink), I may be in touch.

  4. Please tell me you really did say that. I love it when people stand up to bullies.

  5. @ Mrs. 444: I didn't say any of those things to him, because we were in a public place (watching a LL baseball game) and because he is too miserable to tangle with. But all of the things I wrote are the things I am not AFRAID to say to him, in this blog which is out there for anyone to see or to his face in a more suitable setting.

    I have taught my children never to be disable by a bully.. stand tall and don't be afraid to quash their meanness with moral truths.


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