Saturday, May 16, 2009

Everyday Battles

Last night I watched Farrah's Story on NBC and went to bed very melancholy. It really opened my eyes to how much I take my health for granted. And the health of my family as well.

Cancer is so evil, so sly, so potent.

I was humbled by how well Farrah is dealing with all of this, while witnessing the downward spiral of her son, Redmond, whom she adores. Her spirit is strong despite her weakening body. She remains positive & optimistic, hopeful that her tenacity will outlast her cancer.

I was also struck by how much medication Farrah has to take to fight this vicious disease. The fact that she has travelled to Germany several times for highly specialized treatment not performed in the US was also very enlightening.

There are days that I walk through my life in a haze, commiserating about the small stuff that worries me. Now, after watching Farrah's battle with Cancer, I have a new found respect for the life God has given me.


  1. Seeing others going through struggles much tougher than our own does put life into a whole new perspective. It becomes humbling for us and brings us back to reality out of our own self pity. Great post.

  2. I meant to watch that, but missed it. I think we often overlook how important good health is until something happens to wake us up-- especially when we are young.

  3. I saw the show, too. It was very sad, but I, too, admired Farrah very much for her attitude. How sad that she had to see her son under such circumstances (heartbreaking for anyone watching, but also for him, obviously). Drugs suck.


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