Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Odd couples

There are people all over the world who harbor certain prejudices that I cannot fathom. Ironically some of these people are highly religious, church-going folks. Although most people would not consider me religious, it is my belief that God loves all creatures, human & otherwise. He loves sinners & saints alike. I was taught that God will never turn away from you, despite choices & actions that would often be deemed deplorable by others.

I think of myself as a pretty open-minded person who, for the most part, can accept behaviors shunned by others. Case in point: Love. If you love someone, who has the right to criticize or rebuke your feelings, or to outlaw it for that matter? I know a few gay & lesbian couples and have no prejudice against the life they have chosen. The power of love know no boundaries.

I found this love story
on someone's blog (sorry, but I cannot remember which...) and thought it was so precious. It exemplifies the mystery of attraction & the power of love. I hope you enjoy it, too.


  1. Love, in elephants or people, is always a good thing. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I suppose I am too late to return your call (big eyes, lashes fluttering and a little smirk)? I'm sorry, Lisa. I was painting most of the day upstairs...working on a mural for the boys. I'll post some pictures later....if I get a chance.

    I don't know if there's something in the air about this subject lately or what, but I've been fired up a bit about it myself. One thing that is hard to hold my feelings about is the fact that unloving Christians make those of us who love, look bad. It bothers me terribly that people bring down the name of Christ by way of calling others sinners, when we are ALL sinners. We are ALL forgiven if we ask to be. It doesn't shut us down from sinning...look in the Book...there's alot of daily sins that simply come out of the flesh without us even realizing it until it's there. Jesus came to forgive, not condemn. Every one that the religious people pointed fingers at, when He was here, He purposely made time for (ok..the "religious" ones might say...well not homosexuals, where were they?). They didn't dare come out of their houses is my guess. They probably felt shameful and figured Jesus wouldn't look twice at them, just as every other illed and sinful person did. Even though the Bible tells us that the acts of being homosexual are detestable, it also says that unmarried sex is and other sorts (I don't even want to know what falls into that category). Just look at what they wanted to do to Mary because she was with child.

    Point said. I think that God looks into the heart, the desires for love and acceptance, the needs for forgiveness and for the heart that reaches out to Him; He will not turn from. This I believe.

    Who are we to judge one another? Matthew 7 tells us ;o).

    You wouldn't believe this but I just shared my feelings on this same topic through an email to a friend...this morning. I do have a few people that I know who are homosexual as well. We cannot stop loving them and reaching out to them because they aren't able to change their feelings inside. It's not superficial and they don't choose to be that way. I've written about it many times in my blogs...I don't want people to ever put me in that category of Christians who point fingers.

    Yet, aren't we pointing fingers at those who are pointing fingers ;o)? I've made that statment too before. Maybe I'll just put a link on my blog as to what I I won't have to keep writing the same thing in different words :o).

    By the's another link to a precious little poem. I think that you might enjoy it...maybe you've already read it in the past (?)

    J Cosmo Newberry wrote it

    Love to you, Lisa. Sorry again for missing your call.

  3. I just watched the video! Wow, I am so moved (you know how I am about animals) that I am posting it on my blog too - with a big "Thank you" to you!


  4. I didn't think the elephants were lesbians...I just thought they were good friends.


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