Thursday, February 26, 2009

Enabling my sanity

I have been pondering things lately that have made headlines here in the US. I wrote about one in my last post. In case you missed the reference, it was about legalizing same-sex marriage. I have no problem with people marrying, same-sex or not. Although it can have much more negative ramifications when children are born into the mix, I still do not condemn the idea.

What I did not say in that post is, despite having no prejudice toward homosexuality, that I am not always comfortable when in the presence of some gay couples. Does that make me a hypocrite? I think not because I can say the same about the actions and behaviors of others, too. We all have qualms and distastes that make us squirm, whether that be how someone looks, behaves or expresses themselves. (I have a few customers that have become overly attentive to me; this makes me very uncomfortable and I would love to run as fast as I can in the other direction when I see them coming. But I have no choice... so I smile and complete our interaction quickly with professionalism & courtesy.)

My point is that we cannot always avoid the things that annoy, upset or offend us. We have to politely deal with them and accept that we have all molded our own flair, personality and character based on a unique formula of how we were raised and what we value. If we all danced to the beat of the same drum, life would be quite dull.

The other subject that has ignited much controversy, here and around the globe, is the Nadya Suleman IVF
(in vitro fertilization) dilemma. Yes it is a dilemma because now there are 14 children dependent on a naive mother, and 3 (possibly more) of these children are handicapped.

I don't denounce IVF because it is often the last resort for couples who desire a "normal" pregnancy, rather than adoption or surrogacy, to realize their dream to be parents. If the process is done ethically, the desired result is one to three healthy babies at most, born to an enthusiastic, stable & financially sound couple. Not to a single unemployed woman who has 6 children already, has no husband or significant other, is living in a 3 bedroom home with her parents, and has an overwhelmingly obvious obsession with a Hollywood icon! I certainly hope that this nutcase doctor is stripped of his medical license and is sued for malpractice by the State of California.

Phew... I feel better now that I've vented. Thanks, Blogger, for enabling my sanity.


  1. :o)

    I wish I could see your words while I'm commenting...hint...hint...I forget exacts easily. was smiling as I read your first part because now I realize why that subject has been in the "air". Lisa, I don't watch the news or read the papers. Often I hear about it from someone but for the most part - I don't know what's going on much of the time (Now that doesn't surprise you, does it? hahaha)

    Even though, I don't keep a watchful eye on all of this stuff...The Lord seems to put the subjects on my heart. Maybe I'd know why better, if I was more up to date with the news...hahaha

    So...on the other hand, I absolutely love the testimony of being in tune with what's going on without actually knowing. Yes, I know...I can almost see that question mark over your head :o)...and I can see that smile and your head shaking at me too :o).

    I agree! You won't believe it but I was in thought about exactly what you wrote in your first paragraph's yesterday. Almost to the word, Lisa. Isn't that something? So...girl...I believe you're more in tune that you think!'s not's complicated thinking and a process of explaining AND I believe that you did it quite well! Glad you did, now I don't have to.

    Now..the other subject was a discussion between my dad and I one day. Another complicated is is being forced to judge is (ahh-I'm wincing) politics. I don't like these subjects.

    My intital thoughts were "why would they allow her to have so many children, over and over again, when she can't care for them". This shouldn't be allowed, but it has been. My thoughts are also that God has purpose for every life born, even if it's ended early, even if that life is illed with handicaps. We can't always know the reasons, but those lives tough anothers in some way for good :o).

    It hurts to see careless people doing harmful things, but God will make all things GOOD. We cannot always see it, won't always know it but that is because we become overcome by the hurt, pain and saddness of it; rather than being able to trust and have our eyes opened up to see the beauty.

    We can think about the percentage out of 14 children born. It will be exciting to see how God works in these lives. If some leave earth early, He's ready for them and has kept them in their purest form. If some live, let us pray that they will find their feet strong in faith and trust because of the obstacles they will overcome (like our beautiful Helen Keller).

    All done :o).

    I feel like I've babbled and the boys are getting irritated with you don't know that feeling, Lisa :o)...boys getting irritated for our attention...whenever we take just the tiniest little minute for ourselves? is the life of a loving, devoted, selfless mother...atleast we're learning that it's okay to take some time if only for a second or two (but why do we still feel guilty about it?)....

    now I really am all done :o)

    Love to you, sister!

  2. I'd hate to see you cry so here's a nice comment (sorry folk, private joke!) - Your postings are great! And for anyone visiting Lisa for the first time - make sure you read her sidebar - really inspirational.
    (I notice that the recent bout of Google messing with followers made me disappear! I've put myself back.)

  3. Well said! Very good post. I like your way of thinking. This can be a very touchy subject, but the way you went about it makes it much easier to discuss.

  4. Isn't it fun to vent here, where it's safe? Blogging is good for the soul.

    Thanks for asking about the teams. They got a 2nd, a 5th and a 7th place - and were very pleased with the results. Only a few more weeks of racing, and then we (I) can rest!


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