Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life is like a deck of cards

You never know what each day will bring. The cards you are dealt are unknown and may not materialize into a perfect hand. So you must count your blessings every day. Appreciate the things you have: your health, your comforts, your well being. I tell my boys everyday that they have everything they need; their wants are just gravy. The important things are love & support, joy & contentment, commitment and trust, kindness and compassion, perseverance and fortitude.

Just within a seven day period, I learned bad news about three friends. One had debilitating major surgery and the others had job losses. Even my future at work seems ominous and cloudy. The climate has changed and I am very unsure about whether I will be there much longer, after a seven year tenure.

I trusted my boss implicitly and we had a very good rapport. Now everything has changed. Some could argue maybe for the better. Yet I, for one, absolutely abhor change. It makes me queasy and uncomfortable. I don't adjust to change well. Since I make few solid relationships at work because I am very guarded, having to start over with a new boss is not something I look forward to, especially when I foresee who it might be...

But I will count my blessing and hope for the best, adopt a positive outlook and walk into the unknown without fear or apprehension, knowing that there are others who face bigger obstacles than me.

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  1. Hi there little lady. I just want to comment and say how I enjoy reading your thoughts. It's still a go for Wednesday next week on my calendar.


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