Friday, December 26, 2008


Here is another of my literary inspiration from PPP. Today's prompt was "snow"...

Soft white petals that gently float from celestial beginnings, all spectacular thumbprints of nature's breathtaking beauty.

After jotting down that thought, I started to reminisce about the white snowy memories in my life and how much I truly do love snow. This year I've picked up a second job working at a ski resort so when the snow begins to trickle from the sky like feathers floating from heaven, I feel joy. Skiers & riders love snow and rejoice when the forecast calls for blizzards or even nor'easters.

Yet today's storms seem to produce much less snow, certainly not the volumes of snow I remember as a child. We would be buried in snow, with mounds of it piled as high as the window sills. The snowfall would often be 10 -12 inches per storm, and we had snow cover throughout the Winter and most years well into Spring. Coincidentally the biggest snowstorms here have come in March... one in that I remember fondly dropped 22 plus inches of snow! Aaaaaaaaaah.... spring skiing!

I admit that I hate to drive when the roads are snowy, but delighting in the pleasures of wintertime activities always revolves around tons of that white stuff. The more the merrier for me! So as I conclude this little perspective, I ask you to Think Snow...

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  1. Reading this makes me appreciate...for you...the fact that God has blessed you with the job at Smuggs. Earlier in the winter you wrote about everyones gloom over the cold weather and snow to be coming at, at Smuggs, you're able to see the happy faces; those who appreciate every bit of the blessing God pours down on them ;o).

    Yes, I do believe that He is encouraging you with this job.


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