Monday, November 17, 2008

I Wish...

A dear friend of mine lead me to a website where the author posts an images then writes a prompt so visitors to her site will creatively compose a comment.

That day the dandelion was the image and the prompt was " Quick... make a wish!" So here was mine:

My wish is that my family stays forever connected and embraced by harmony, that my sons live happy successful lives enriched by deep rapports with those who lead them from temptation & negativity, that we grow to fully appreciate all of the things that we have without tainting our heart with envy, that we continue to live long healthy lives and offer support & kindness to those who need us, that we respect our world and all of it's inhabitant regardless of race color or creed, and finally that we put joy & peace above all else.

Here is the site: Check it out and get inspired!


  1. So glad that something offered inspired something so beautiful.

  2. What a wonderful, beautiful blog you have created. You have many gifts to offer, thank you for being so generous in sharing. ~ tricia


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Pursue your dream
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