Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Dream or A Journey...

I originally posted this piece to my "MySpace" page last April but I wanted to repeat it here for anyone who may visit my "life" via this blog. Read on then I will follow up with more later...

Every parent wants the best for their children. Since day one, we have made decisions that we believed would have the most positive impact on our life and the lives of our children. Planning, plotting, calculating, strategising, wishing, hoping, dreaming, praying for a happy and carefree existence, a peaceful and placid home, and many successful and enriching endeavors.

Life throws you so many options, choices, and curve balls that you're sometimes left second guessing the routes you've chosen. I've often wondered if I should bother exhausting myself with all the work I put in to realize a goal if, in the end, my realities fall way below my expectations.

It all comes down to the old adage about the "best laid plans"... My vision is typically much more extravagant than the end result. Yet I still dare to dream, to set my goals high and reach the pinnacle of my heart's desire. That's what I will continue to do and hope that my children will hunger for things that they might otherwise believe to be beyond their reach.

After all, the journey always begins with the first step. In my case, it's always a vivid picture of perfection. Yes, I'm a perfectionist who sometimes obsesses over minute details. But I believe that one should always strive to put their best work on the table because it's a reflection of your inner self. Be wise to the voice inside your head that tells you to never give up, never be afraid to take that first step into the unknown, and never give yourself an excuse to quit.

As did the great Martin Luther King, I have a dream... to make a difference in the lives of others.

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Pursue your dream

Pursue your dream
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